Knauf Insulation | Earthwool Soffit Linerboard

Knauf Insulation | Earthwool Soffit Linerboard

Knauf Insulation has enhanced its Earthwool Soffit Linerboard range, reporting best-in-class thermal performance and added rigidity to make installation easier. The improved range will help to meet the increasing demand for non-combustible insulation.

“Specifications for non-combustible soffit insulation are likely to increase as building regulations evolve further and soffit applications become a focus for fire safety,” said Luke Davies, Rock Mineral Wool Product Manager, Knauf Insulation. “We’ve improved Earthwool Soffit Linerboard to give customers the best possible solution to respond to this demand”.

Earthwool Soffit Linerboard now has a lower thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/mK. It is also less susceptible to thermal bridging thanks to a new fixing method which uses tube washers in the corners of each slab instead of traditional all-steel fixings.

The entire installation process has been made easier as the new product recipe makes each slab more rigid. A new detailed installation guide has been created to accompany the new product, with clear and simple advice to installers for a wide range of applications and scenarios.

Earthwool Soffit Linerboard is available in thicknesses from 50 to 220mm, with an additional base layer available to meet build-up requirements. There are two options available – Standard and Extra – depending on the aesthetics and impact resistance required. Standard has a black glass veil facing, while Extra is bonded to an off-white cementitious particle board.

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