The impact of the energy-related products directive extension on Johnson & Starley products

The impact of the energy-related products directive extension on Johnson & Starley products

In October 2009, the European Commission (EC) published a framework Directive for energy-related products. Although the energy-related products directive has already been implemented for washing machines, TVs, kettles, gas boilers and a number of other products, the new regulations will be applying to warm air heaters from January 2018.

Ecodesign regulations require manufacturers to decrease the energy consumption of their products by establishing minimum energy efficiency standards. By setting these standards at European level, manufacturers do not have to navigate through multiple national regulations when launching their products on the market.

Critical dates for the extension of the directive to warm air heaters are:

  • For all warm air heaters, the requirements for Seasonal Efficiency must be achieved on the 1st of January 2018.
  • For all warm air heaters, the requirements for Emissions (NOx) must be achieved on the 26th of September 2018.

For Johnson & Starley air heaters, this means that the standard efficiency Hi-Spec and Economaire ranges will not meet the seasonal efficiency requirement on 1st of January 2018. To enable the heaters to be placed on the market they must be fully compliant with the regulation. However, appliances in the supply chain after the implementation date can still be sold but they must be covered by an order — written or verbal. In other words, orders would need placed for the non-condensing ranges of warm air heaters, the HiSpec and Economaire, by the end of December 2017 to comply with the new regulation.

Naturally, housing associations and local authorities who currently own, or are looking to upgrade their stock may wonder what the availability of spare parts will be. Johnson and Starley has committed to keeping spare parts for heaters available for as long as possible. Parts will be available for a minimum of 10 years after production of these two models of heaters has ceased. The company is also extending the guarantee period for the Economaire and Hi-Spec heaters from one to three years.

Looking from 2018 onwards, Johnson & Starley is offering a five-year guarantee on the range of WarmCair condensing heaters, an eight-year guarantee for the QuanTec range of boilers, and a five-year guarantee for the Aquair warm air heat emitter range.

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