New models introduced to the Grant UK Aerona³ R32 heat pump range

New models introduced to the Grant UK Aerona³ R32 heat pump range

Following the launch of its first R32 air source heat pump last year, Grant UK has announced the launch of four new models with outputs ranging from 6kW up to 17kW.

This summer, four new Aerona³ R32 inverter driven air source heat pump models will be available from Grant UK which all incorporate the more environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant. The range will consist of 6, 10, 13 and 17kW models. These heat pumps are not only cleaner and more sustainable working products; they are also exceptionally efficient achieving an A+++ energy rating at low temperatures such as 35 or 45˚C (new ErP labelling from September 2019).

The development of these new models, Grant’s greenest heat pump range yet, is in response to the growing demand for products that have a lower impact on the environment. The 2014 EU Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas (F-Gas) Regulations is legislation designed to phase down the use of hydrofluorocarbons, with the introduction of a series of targets designed to limit the use of gases with the highest Global Warming Potential (GWP). The latest Aerona³ air source heat pumps use R32 refrigerant, which, while still an HFC, has a GWP of 675, which is considerably lower than other typical heat pump refrigerants such as R410A (GWP 2088), requires less refrigerant volume per kW and offers higher efficiencies.

All four of the new R32 models not only have incredible SCOP values delivering improved efficiencies and performance levels, but each heat pump also has the familiar features that installers have come to associate with the Aerona brand. The latest heat pumps are all monobloc in design, single phase, DC inverter driven, have built-in weather compensation and base tray heating element. Furthermore, each model is also available as a pack consisting of the R32 heat pump and its key accessories.

The new Aerona³ R32 models will supersede the current heat pumps available from Grant UK with their four current air source heat pumps being replaced by the R32 equivalent models. The Aerona³ R32 6kW and 10kW models will be direct replacements for the existing R410 6kW and 10kW heat pumps. The new 17kW model will supersede the Aerona³ R410 16kW heat pump and the Aerona³ R32 12kW heat pump will be replaced by the new 13kW model. These model transitions are due to be completed later this summer.

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