New fan-assisted radiator from Mitsubishi Electric

New fan-assisted radiator from Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new fan-assisted radiator that works with either traditional or renewable heating systems.

The i-LIFE 2Slim is available in 1 and 2kW models, and offers a high heat output using 50% less wall space (based on 45ºC flow). Paired with a renewable heating system such as an Ecodan heat pump, the radiator has the potential to increase the payments tenants can receive from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

“We’ve entered the radiator market with an advanced unit which is close to being the smallest on the market,” explained Max Halliwell, Product Marketing Manager for Mitsubishi Electric’s range of heating products. “It delivers class-leading sound levels in night setting and allows heating engineers to offer an advanced option for both new-build and retrofit.”

At a 13cm deep, the 1kW model is suitable for almost any interior. The unit is 737mm wide and 579mm high — almost half the size of an equivalent low flow temperature steel radiator.

Max added: “This new model uses copper and aluminium and holds about 10% of the water needed for a traditional low temperature steel radiator, which not only brings the weight down but also makes the heat up time faster.”

A conventional 1kW low temperature radiator would weigh around 48kg when full of water, whereas the i-LIFE 2Slim weighs 17.5kg. This makes it easier to install on a wide range of walls and finishes.

The i-LIFE 2Slim also reaches operating temperature within about three minutes. Cool air is drawn into the unit by the efficient internal modulating fans, which then transfer heat from the water supply to the internal heat exchangers and offer full control of the heated air blown around the room.

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