Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council specifies Gerflor Attraction vinyl tiles for apartment block corridor areas

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council specifies Gerflor Attraction vinyl tiles for  apartment block corridor areas

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council (Dudley MBC) recently refurbished the floor areas of several of its existing social housing schemes, installing vinyl tiles from the Gerflor Attraction range.

Dudley MBC approached flooring specialist Gerflor to supply 20m² of the company’s fast track GTI Attraction in ‘Moheli’ for a trial area in one of the council’s apartment block corridor areas. The requirement was for a hard wearing, durable, and heavy traffic resistant flooring solution that is easy and cost-effective.

In addition, Dudley MBC wanted the flooring to be loose laid to keep sections of the area open and to minimise the time and cost of installation. Gerflor’s Attraction range offered the ideal solution as it can be lifted individually tile by tile and replaced if damaged without needing to lift the entire floor.

The Attraction range is ideal solution for renovation projects, as it is a fast track loose lay vinyl tile with inter-locking edges, which allows for rapid installation and replacement. This permits the area to remain open and provides a clean installation with no adhesive or dust. Gerflor says a two-person team can install up to 200m² in eight hours — four times faster than conventional tiles — and it can be installed on a sub floor with minimal preparation.

With a Protecsol 2 surface treatment it requires minimal maintenance and is a highly durable solution suit — ideal for heavy traffic applications. There are 15 colour-ways and three designs, which allows specifiers to mix and match colours and designs.

The Attraction range delivers 19dB less noise than ceramic tiles. The range boasts slip-resistant properties and a R10 rating, as well as being 100% REACH compliant, free of formaldehyde, heavy metals, solvents and contains 80% recycled content.

The range also delivers TVOC emissions 100 times better than norm requirements (TVOC < 10 μg/m3 after 28 days) and is Floorscore certified, M1 certified and complies with AgBB protocol with no formaldehyde emissions.

Aziz Ahmed, Building Surveyor, Dudley MBC commented: “The Gerflor flooring looks great and seems very hard-wearing, which is perfect for the communal areas of our low and high-rise blocks. Residents are very pleased with the installation time as it was completed within a day. We have specified the Gerflor Classic Imperial range for about six years for our kitchens and bathrooms, and their Tarasafe Ultra H20 for the past eighteen months for our wet rooms. We needed something that was very robust, easy to clean and installed with minimum disruption. The Gerflor Attraction range ticked all these boxes.”


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