Complete fire ducting protection range

Complete fire ducting protection range

Domus Ventilation has added new products to its Fire Sleeves and Fire Collars range. With the new products, the company ensures a complete range of Building Regulations-compliant fire protection for Domus ducting.

Fire sleeves and fire collars are used to prevent the spread of fire where ventilation ducting penetrates fire compartment walls, as required by Building Regulations. To achieve this, Domus fire collars and sleeves are made using a flexible galvanised steel shell containing graphite based intumescent material to ensure good fire ratings and have been tested to BSEN 1366-3: 2009. The new fire sleeves are designed to fit the smallest Domus duct (round 100mm/rectangular 110 by 54mm) and provide a 120-minute fire rating. The new fire collars fit the smallest and largest round ducting (100 or 150mm) with a fire rating of 60 to 240 minutes respectively.

The fire sleeves are designed for both rectangular and round vertical and horizontal ducting and their slimline profile saves ceiling space. They are suitable for masonry walls or plasterboard partitions as well as insulated or non-insulated partitions. The fire collars are specifically for round, vertical ducting and provide a fire rating of up to four hours.

The new products are easy to install without the help of any special tools, skills or mechanical fixings. They can be retrofitted where required and their robust material ensures that their performance remains unaffected by weathering, enabling them to last the lifetime of the building.

In addition to rigid ducting fire protection, Domus Ventilation’s RDFS75 semi-rigid duct fire-stopping sleeve is available for the company’s radial duct system. Unlike traditional branch style ducting, Domus Radial uses 75mm semi rigid duct to connect directly from each room vent to a central distribution system, negating the need for various duct bends and connectors. This system benefits from less air leakage and improved air flow, which also makes for easier commissioning and a quieter system, as well as it being quicker to install than traditional branch ducting.

Following these latest additions, Domus Ventilation now offers fire solutions for 75, 100, 125, 150, 110 by 54, 204 by 60 and 220 by 90mm ducting.

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