Energy management guide

Energy management guide

New straightforward guide to Energy Management and Building Controls published by BRE and ESTA.

A new briefing paper from BRE and the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA) aims to simplify the operational aspects of energy management and building controls. Its author wants to encourage uptake of the technologies so that building owners and occupiers can benefit from more carbon efficient environments and have reduced energy costs.

To help overcome the lack of advanced control solutions, BRE and the ESTA have produced a Briefing Paper: Energy Management and Building Controls.

It is available free online and provides specifiers and building occupants with explanations of the different control systems available. It offers guidance as to where and why a technology can and should be used along with advice on how to apply that technology to get an effective solution in practice.

The paper outlines the key issues such as value engineering, future proofing and training. The document introduces the European Standard BS EN 15232, to illustrate the impact different control systems can have on the same building. It also offers information on how the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme applies to controls and gives an overview of its eligibility criteria, which can easily be used for procurement specifications.

Robin Hale, director of the ESTA, commented: “Controls are a powerful tool in ensuring our buildings are run efficiently and provide the desired environment for the occupants. This document will help building clients and occupiers select the most appropriate controls solution for their particular application”.

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