Biosite Systems | COVID-19 Response Solutions

Biosite Systems | COVID-19 Response Solutions

In response to the ongoing challenges posed by managing COVID-19 risk on site, Biosite Systems has developed a range of solutions to support safe and efficient working practices. Including tools and systems to help manage transmission risk, support training and hygiene practices and boost productivity through digitisation, the range can be tailored to support the specific needs and set-up of each site.

It comes at a time when many in construction are facing sustained pressure to adapt to new ways of working on site, whilst balancing the normal demands of health and safety compliance and project productivity, as part of a drive to ‘keep Britain building’.

To manage safer entry to site, the offering includes a facial detection temperature monitoring device and mandatory hand sanitiser dispensers linked to access control systems, with dedicated welfare attendants to monitor social distancing. To facilitate compliance with industry guidance and checklists, the Digital Forms tool digitises paper-based processes and enables mobile collaboration between workers on and off-site, whilst reducing the manual handling of paperwork. To reduce face-to-face briefings and support compliance with COVID-19 training, bespoke mandatory inductions and briefings can be added to Biosite Online Induction and software portals. The ‘zoning’ function on Biosite access control systems can also be utilised to establish a ‘track and trace’ approach on site.

Li Wang, Managing Director at Biosite Systems, explained: “Construction sites and workers themselves have been extremely flexible and resilient at adapting to COVID-19. Keeping sites running safely is a complex, ongoing challenge and there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. That’s why we have developed a range of tools and systems — both technology-enabled and practical — that help provide additional safeguarding measures, boost productivity and make it easier to collaborate with colleagues or to comply with guidance. Simply, we hope they will make life on site in the age of COVID-19 easier to manage.

“It’s also important to acknowledge that what might be right for one site will not be right for another, for a variety of reasons including site set-up, available space and facilities and the number of expected operatives. That’s why we work collaboratively with our customers, to listen to their challenges and respond with a tailored solution that works for them and their site. We very much see our role as supporting construction and want to stand side-by-side with the industry in the battle against COVID-19.”

Also featuring in the range is a portable Hand Sanitiser Station in partnership with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity and alternative temporary access control systems. To find out more about Biosite’s range of COVID-19 Response Solutions, visit

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