Baxi Heating | Enhanced cylinder and buffer ranges

Baxi Heating | Enhanced cylinder and buffer ranges

Baxi Heating has expanded its commercial hot water storage portfolio with the launch of new cylinder and buffer vessel ranges to provide comprehensive, reliable heating and hot water solutions for both new build and refurbishment applications.

New to the Remeha portfolio is the Remtank 316 Stainless Steel cylinder range which provides a flexible, low maintenance solution for sustained heat in buildings with year-round heat demands. The 8-bar cylinders are available in single and twin coils from 300 to 1,000 litres.

The new Flexistor cylinder range is designed for applications where an independent hot water system is required. Constructed from Duplex 2205 stainless steel for outstanding strength and corrosion resistance, these high quality, low maintenance cylinders are available in 6 or 10-bar with storage capacities from 400 to 2,500 litres.

The two new ranges complement Remeha’s existing high-performance RC Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel cylinders in single and twin coil with 400 to 2,500 litre capacity, and compact, space-saving Remtank cylinders, available in single coil with capacities from 125 to 170 litres.

The series continues with Remeha’s durable, mild steel buffer vessels that enable hot water storage in closed heating circuits. The buffer vessels are available in 3 and 6-bar, with 13 storage sizes from 200 to 5,000 litres, and the option to connect several vessels to meet the system design. This flexible range is designed for use with traditional and renewable low temperature heating systems.

Andrews Water Heaters has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of a range of 316 stainless steel 10-bar pressure Duplex cylinders from 300 to 2,500 litres. With a choice of single or twin coils, they are designed to meet even the toughest commercial demands.

The Andrews Water Heaters range also has the new FLEXIstor cylinder series, designed for applications where an independent hot water system is required. Connections facilitate various heat sources and there are optional immersion heaters for auxiliary heat input.

The range of glass-lined buffer vessels meets a project requirement for additional hot water storage or can be used with a continuous flow water heater like the SUPAflo EVO.

The 8-bar buffer version is available in five storage sizes from 200 to 1000 litres and can be easily installed alongside Andrews Water Heaters units where additional hot water storage is required.

The 10-bar buffer vessel, available with either 300, 500 or 800 litres of storage capacity, perfectly complements continuous flow water heaters like the SUPAflo EVO to satisfy a high domestic hot water demand.

The Andrews Water Heaters’ range of cylinders and buffers can be paired with a Potterton Commercial boiler to provide a total heating and hot water solution in large-scale commercial premises.

Dan Martindale, Commercial Sales Director at Baxi Heating, commented: “We are constantly reviewing our product offering in light of changing customer requirements and demands and striving to raise the bar. The launch of these new buffer and cylinder ranges furthers our commitment to providing flexible, total heating and hot water solutions that are capable of offering the solution to a range of commercial requirements.”

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