Armitage Shanks DOC M package supports dementia sufferers

Armitage Shanks DOC M package supports dementia sufferers

For the last few decades, Armitage Shanks has worked closely with occupational therapists to create the most inclusive solutions, which guarantee compliance in commercial and residential care sector washrooms. Now it has enhanced its DOC M package alongside new research around sight loss and dementia.

The manufacturer has adapted its DOC M offering to comprise more visually distinctive products. Due to the colour’s optimum visual properties, the easy to specify DOC M packages now include red toilet seats, hinged arms, toilet roll holders and back rests.

The products, suitable for residential care, hospitality, leisure and office environments, are all quick to install and maximise accessibility for those suffering from sight loss and dementia. At the same time, they also help ensure building owners comply with legislation and maintain high levels of hygiene.

Tony Rheinberg, Senior Sector Marketing Manager, Armitage Shanks, commented: “Our DOC M package was pioneering when it was first released and we’re extremely proud to have created a solution which supports thousands of vulnerable people in the UK who need it.

“At the same time, we’re constantly researching new areas for insight with experts at the forefront of their fields which will allow us to enhance our offering to better suit the needs of disabled people and those who cater for them. Through our work with occupational therapists, we’ve identified the colour red as being the most effective in helping boost confidence within inclusive washrooms.”

Kate Sheehan, Occupational Therapist and Director of The OT Service, added: “All over the world we associate red with warning and danger, as we are can see it more clearly than other colours. This is because red light is scattered the least by air molecules. Recent evidence suggests that red can help people with dementia and sight loss recognise and navigate different rooms and environments. It has also been proven to promote continence in some cases.”

The company’s revamped DOC M offering also includes new, easy to install, exposed shower packs within the range, which guarantee compliance in facilities with inclusive wet rooms.

For more information on this and how to best specify Armitage Shanks DOC M offering click here or watch this video.

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