New Aico 3000 Series of fire and CO alarms offer full circle protection in homes

New Aico 3000 Series of fire and CO alarms offer full circle protection in homes

Aico’s new 3000 Series detects both fire and CO and includes for the first time a Multi-Sensor Heat & Carbon Monoxide Alarm, providing whole property protection.

With high heat sources from cooking appliances posing a potential fire hazard and gas fuelled appliances representing a potential source of CO, combining heat and CO detection in one alarm is a sensible approach. In addition to the Ei3028 Multi-Sensor Heat & CO Alarm, the 3000 Series incorporates a mains powered Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm and single sensor Optical, Heat & CO Alarms. All alarms use the same easi-fit base and feature intelligent sensors, AudioLINK data extraction and SmartLINK wireless interconnection and whole system data monitoring capability.

AudioLINK data extraction technology enables real time alarm data (e.g. number of times tested and details of alarm activations) to be extracted directly to a smartphone or tablet via an App, which creates an Alarm Status Report. It identifies any issues enabling action to be taken immediately, which is effective for tenant safety and in reducing the cost of return visits to a property. AudioLINK also aids compliance for landlords, providing proof that alarms are working at the start of a new tenancy and with annual Gas Safety Checks.

Next generation Radio Frequency (RF) technology, SmartLINK enables alarms and system accessories to be interconnected using RF signals rather than hard wiring. Hard wired interconnection can be time consuming, disruptive and costly in existing properties, whereas wireless interconnection is quick, easy and requires no redecorating. The new technology is smarter and easier to use than its predecessors. Aico is currently developing SmartLINK technology to enable a Gateway and Portal based system with real-time notifications.

All alarms in the 3000 Series are backwards compatible with the company’s existing products, including the Ei450 Alarm Controller and Ei414 Fire/CO Alarm Interface.

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