Aico introduces new fire alarm and heat and CO alarm

Aico introduces new fire alarm and heat and CO alarm

Aico launches two new products — a multi-sensor fire alarm and a heat and CO alarm with RadioLINK technology — to offer complete coverage.

The products include fire and CO protection, dust compensation, easier installation, data extraction and cloud connectivity.

The multi-sensor fire alarm has two sensors for total fire response — an optical smoke sensor and thermistor (heat sensor). Both sensors are monitored constantly with intelligent software that interprets data. The heat and CO alarm has two separate sensors for fire and CO coverage, an electrochemical CO sensor and a thermistor sensor.

Both alarms in the new Aico range include an optical sensor chamber with a sealed insect mesh with intelligent software designed to compensate for dust. The alarms have been designed to be easily fitted by including multiple sensors in a compact design. The new products also have rechargeable lithium back-up cells that are tamper proof and maintenance free.

Built in AudioLINK data extraction records data for the lifetime of the alarm with data being extracted to a smartphone via an app. Cloud connectivity via the SmartLINK gateway allows for wireless interconnection between all cloud connected alarms in a building that can be monitored remotely on a dashboard from anywhere.

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