The importance of building strong relationships with housing associations

The importance of building strong relationships with housing associations

Thermatic Homes are a national M&E contractor based in Greater Manchester that provides a one-stop solution for housing associations, from mechanical and electrical services, to build and renewable energy installations and training. Here, Managing Director Karl Wallace tells LABM why building strong relationships with housing association partners is so important.

Thermatic Homes is passionate about delivering an exceptionally high standard of work, bringing a wealth of expertise with our flexible approach and forward thinking to every project. We take great pride in delivering a truly bespoke service to ensure our individual client needs are met.

Our Mission is simple — To deliver the highest level of service to our customers whilst leaving the greatest lasting impressions. Which is why we focus on building strong relationships with the housing associations we work with.

For us, it’s a great privilege to work in someone’s home and we understand that for our clients it’s important that their tenants are put at ease and so whatever job we’re contracted in to do, and wherever we are in the country we always make sure that our engineers treat the tenants home as if it was their own.

With gas being phased out, many of our clients are looking into alternative technologies to heat their homes and currently the only feasible solution is air source heat pumps.

We’ve been heavily involved with one housing provider’s shift towards renewable energy and have been installing air source heat pumps throughout their social housing stock. One of the big problems they faced was that they didn’t have enough information to assure tenants of cost savings. However, thanks to our experience of installing ASHP’s we have been able to address these concerns.

The social housing provider had huge concerns about their own ability to service and maintain what is a new technology with their own trained staff. Which is why we train their engineers at our purpose-built training academy in Salford and why we offer their first years’ service free of charge in order to give the social housing provider a period of time so that their engineers can be suitably upskilled.

We have installed consumption and heat external data monitoring within all of the ASPH’s installed on the social housing estate, which is providing valuable real-time data to not only assist in funding claims, but to also provide evidence of cost saving, which is also relayed to their tenants. The information we provide from the metering package is fundamental when deciding the feasibility of future projects.

The work on the air source heat pumps has come after building a successful working relationship with the social housing provider. We’ve been been heavily involved in solar thermal but also helping them find the right properties to install it on. We’ve been doing solar thermal servicing and rectification works, gas servicing, as well as build and reactive response.

Thermatic Homes Training Academy
Due to the inevitable upcoming demand for the installation of renewable technology. Thermatic Homes have setup our own training academy which will offer full certified training for installers and any other companies wishing to get their MCS accreditation.

Whether you’re a housing association, tenant, or installer please feel free to contact Thermatic Homes should we be able to assist your with your renewable journey.

For more information on Thermatic Homes’ services contact Karl Wallace on  0330 0415 282, or email


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