Global Home Warranties | Enhancing quality and compliance

Global Home Warranties | Enhancing quality and compliance

Maurice Johnston, Managing Surveyor at Global Home Warranties, delves into the critical role of building control in ensuring quality and compliance, specifically tailored to the interests of UK local authorities and housing associations.

The Building Safety Act 2022 marked a significant turning point in the construction industry, bringing about the most substantial changes in over three decades. The regulations have become increasingly stringent, emphasising the need for compliance and, above all, safety.

Building Control Services, such as those offered by Global Home Warranties, encompass a comprehensive range of regulations, standards, and processes designed to safeguard the construction of residential properties, ensuring they meet safety, structural, and energy efficiency legislation.

The importance of Building Control cannot be overstated. It serves to mitigate risks and protect developers, housebuilders, housing associations and councils from unforeseen issues that could lead to delays and increased costs. By partnering with approved inspectors and implementing rigorous control procedures, a good building control service ensures that the properties covered by its warranties are constructed and maintained to the highest industry standards.

To achieve these high standards, Building Control services adopt cutting-edge technologies, tools, and software that streamline inspections, enhance efficiency, and maintain vital documentation. These practices guarantee that the properties are accessible, safe, healthy, and energy-efficient, safeguarding your assets now and in the future.

Collaborative approach
Effective collaboration lies at the heart of successful Building Control. Building Surveyors work closely with approved inspectors and key project personnel to ensure compliance with legislation and codes in every aspect of the build. By fostering effective communication and early collaboration, potential risks are identified and addressed at an early stage, reducing the likelihood of future issues that could result in costly delays.

A notable change from the Building Safety Act 2022 is the upcoming introduction, in October 2023, of a statutory register for all building control professionals. This register mandates that every building control professional must prove their competency to obtain a license and continue practicing. Global Home Warranty’s accomplished team of building surveyors welcomes this change and is already adhering to the highest standards to protect local authorities and housing associations from costly and time-consuming administration and ensure each building is constructed to exact specification and quality.

Global Home Warranties’ building surveyors meticulously review construction plans, assess material specifications, and conduct on-site inspections. Their extensive knowledge of construction practices and regulations enables them to identify potential issues and ensure compliance at every stage. This expertise, combined with their comprehensive structural warranty, makes Building Control Services the ideal companion, offering extra protection through one succinct report and two certificates.

Streamlined process
Global Home Warranties combines Building Control services with their warranty inspections. This means that the same qualified building surveyor carries out both inspections, resulting in a quicker and more streamlined process. Additionally, an ability to have on call a responsive team ensures a reduced timeframe for surveys, allowing for faster responses compared to larger corporations.

To maintain a comprehensive understanding of evolving regulations, a good warranty provider such as Global Home Warranties, actively participates in industry forums, engages with professional bodies, and conducts regular training for their building control officers, staying up-to-date with changes in building codes, energy efficiency requirements, and environmental standards.

Building control plays an integral role in delivering quality and compliance for local authorities and housing associations. By prioritising stringent control procedures, embracing technological advancements, and fostering collaboration with Approved Inspectors, companies like Global Home Warranties, demonstrates their commitment to providing reliable and comprehensive home warranties.

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