VIVID closes the gap in its gender pay

VIVID closes the gap in its gender pay

Following the release of its latest report, housing association VIVID is delighted to announce that it has closed its gender pay gap.

After making steady progress over recent years, the housing provider has been able to reduce its median gender pay gap from 13.5% to 0%. This means that for every £1 earned by men, women earnt exactly the same. This is a huge achievement, of which they are incredibly proud.

Through a rigorous set of benchmarked salaries for each role, VIVID committed to rewarding and paying its staff fairly, and making sure there’s no divide in its workforce. The housing association’s employees should be paid according to the job they do, not a characteristic like gender or ethnicity.

VIVID value and recognise the importance of a diverse workforce to deliver its business objectives. It’s their aim to have an equal representation of gender at all levels and similar roles across our business.

VIVID know that it still has some improvements to make in terms of hiring more women into certain roles. For example, there are far fewer women working in the housing association’s trade’s roles, but through an inclusive recruitment and unconscious bias training it wants to ensure it’s hiring as many women as it can into these roles. VIVID currently has 15 (22%) women in trade management roles.

Supporting women in finding development opportunities to step up and ready themselves for managerial and leadership progression is also a big priority, so VIVID will continue improving it’s approaches to do so.

Duncan Short, Group Resources Director, VIVID commented: “Having a 0% gender pay gap is something we feel is a great achievement.”

In addition, the housing association has made real progress in closing its ethnicity pay gap to 4.3%. Whilst it is not mandatory to disclose pay on ethnicity grounds, VIVID believes it remains the right thing to share. The housing association will keep promoting its inclusive culture and ensure that VIVID remains a great place to work.

You can find more information and read their 2022-23 gender pay and ethnicity reports in full by clicking on the links below:

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