The hedgehogs move in: G F Tomlinson continues to protect local wildlife  

The hedgehogs move in: G F Tomlinson continues to protect local wildlife  

Midlands based contractor G F Tomlinson continues its quest to protect local wildlife as part of their day-to-day construction activities and have recently installed by way of example hedgehog highways and houses in locations close to their existing projects.

Four hedgehog friendly homes were installed and bespoke fencing was developed to ensure they can nest safely and move freely through domestic gardens — after their presence in a woodland adjacent to their Staffordshire site was confirmed by a specialist ecologist survey. Skilled tradesmen crafted two of the houses from recycled timber on site.

With guidance from The British Hedgehog Preservation Society, this caring initiative has been rolled out across two key sites located in Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire in the hope their actions will help to preserve their habitat, to protect, nurture and encourage the presence of hedgehogs within the local area.

Andy Sewards, Managing Director of G F Tomlinson, commented: “We partnered with The British Hedgehog Preservation Society back in September 2020 and their advice has been invaluable to help us to protect these vulnerable animals.   

“We are hoping to roll out hedgehog houses and highways across more sites in the coming months alongside other ongoing environmental initiatives.”

In Staffordshire, leaflets were distributed to local businesses, offering a guide to helping hedgehogs in the area along with a brief case study identifying the local woods nearby and their significance to the hedgehogs. The G F Tomlinson site team will also soon be seeding indigenous wild flowers within the adjacent meadow to our site to improve biodiversity and encourage bees and insects to populate these important areas of natural beauty. They are also creating greater awareness to the general public of the hedgehogs by placing ‘slow down hedgehog’ signs on the bespoke fences near to site.

The hedgehog population has sadly seen a deep decline in Britain in recent years, with the animal now included in the ‘red list’ of endangered species.

“Hedgehogs have declined by a third in urban areas since the turn of the century” said Fay Vass, Chief Executive at the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. “We all need to play our part in bringing them back from the brink — so we are delighted that G F Tomlinson are doing their bit to improve these valuable habitats for hedgehogs.”

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