T. Gunning ensures compliance with fire safety standards

T. Gunning ensures compliance with fire safety standards

T. Gunning Ltd, the Chartered Building Company specialising in interior/exterior refurbishment, has successfully completed refurbishment works on six apartment blocks on the Fair Acres estate in Bromley to ensure they are compliant with fire safety standards.

This major project included fitting some 150 new BM TRADA Q-mark certified fire doors, installing fire stopping, and the removal of hazardous Asbestos under controlled conditions. In other locations the asbestos was encapsulated to ensure that it could not be disturbed and release potentially dangerous fibres.

The project also included the installation of new fireproof ceiling, upgrading wall finishes, fire risers and communal areas to comply with current fire safety standards.

Belgarum Property Management ltd, the Property Management agency for the developement, say they have a very good working relationship with T Gunning: “We have regular meetings to discuss ongoing works which enables us to resolve any issues from either side. We would not hesitate to invite T Gunning to tender for future work – they are a fair and reputable company and we have been very happy with their work.”

Contractor Administrator on the project, Matthew Yussuf, Senior Partner at Copeland Yussuf says the team at T Gunning impressed with their ability to solve any issues they encountered: “Fair Acres is a complex estate and the project involved complex detailing; modernising fire safety standards in the blocks, whilst working within the confines of an existing building, managing and co-ordinating not only the works, but the access necessary to complete them,” he says.

“T Gunning finished the project with positive feedback from all parties, which is a testament to the good communication, the right attitude and the manner the works were carried out. We have worked with countless contractors in the past, and we have always been pleased with the way that T Gunning has conducted themselves.”

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