Specialist solutions company offers help in the fight against COVID-19

Specialist solutions company offers help in the fight against COVID-19

ECO, which already supplies one NHS trust, is answering the call to help health sector organisations and essential businesses combat the coronavirus outbreak.

The company has set up a full COVID-19 rapid response solutions operation with a range of emergency buildings, beds, and sanitisation solutions.

It has already answered the call to help a factory, which has a government order for manufacturing vital material for visors for the NHS, to continue production 24/7 by supplying anti-virus sanitiser and an on-call emergency sanitising team.

ECO’s experience and equipment means it can even set up field hospitals and other emergency structures with its rapid response building team, and has large volumes of medically-approved beds to help cater for an upsurge in patients.

Prefabricated buildings, inflatable buildings, shelters, can all be provided at pace and its additional rapid response interior solutions operation means those buildings can also be fitted out with a wide range of medically approved beds and the most hygienic materials available.

The company is also rolling out rapid response testing solutions which include rapidly deployable virus containment and testing pods, which manage the flow of testing for coronavirus at entrances to hospitals, surgeries and other essential buildings such as emergency services centres, factories, and those offices and outlets where essential workers are based.

This week ECO will be donating a consignment of visors and some of its secure supply of anti-virus hand-sanitiser to a care home struggling to source sanitiser for its residents and staff.

The alcohol free anti-virus hand and surface sanitiser is a complex polymeric biocide in an aqueous solution providing ongoing protection to treated hands and surfaces.

The product is ready to use for disinfection and sanitisation of surfaces, providing up to 99.9% efficacy against pathogenic organisms.

Eddie Black (pictured left), Managing Director of ECO, said: “The Government has requested companies like ours to come up with rapid solutions at this time of national emergency. That is exactly what we have done.

“From a secure ongoing supply of significant volumes of sanitiser and specialist testing pods, all the way through to supplying and fitting out emergency buildings, including with a full-range of medically-approved beds.

“We can help set up emergency buildings. We can prepare land and put up long-term, easily dismantlable buildings, which are one of the fastest, most flexible options, for a range of uses, at this time of national emergency.

“We could also convert or sanitise any building whether that’s hotels, conference centres, leisure centres, schools and colleges, disused buildings and spaces, in the fastest, most effective, way possible.

“So far during the outbreak we have been helping essential businesses and private care homes to get the help they need to keep operating around the clock, and we are looking at helping GP surgeries.

“But even though we do work for the NHS in one area of the country — and even though the Government is crying out for companies like ours to help — it’s not always easy to reach the people who make the procurement decisions within the NHS and make them aware that we are here and we can help.”

ECO, which has its headquarters in Annan and has operations in Cumbria, is also known for its expertise in a range of dry ice cleaning and hygiene solutions which can help hospitals, care homes, emergency workers’ accommodation and transport operations, such as ambulances, keep clean during the coronavirus outbreak.

The company already supplies one of the UK’s largest hospital trusts — Leeds General Infirmary, part of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust — and last month delivered a consignment of specially treated antibacterial furniture to the hospital.

Eddie added: “We will do everything we can to help anyone who gets in touch — whether from organisations or businesses — to help fight the effects of this outbreak.”

Any organisation which would benefit from ECO’s help is asked to contact 01461 500 206 or email response@teameco.co.uk or visit www.teameco.co.uk for more information.

Header image shows the the ECO team.

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