ROCKWOOL launches new passive fire protection CPD

ROCKWOOL launches new passive fire protection CPD

ROCKWOOL has launched a new CPD, ‘Essential Principles — Passive Fire Protection Solutions’, to give construction professionals a deeper understanding of the 12 key principles of passive fire protection and how these are applied to different building projects.

Presenting each of the essential principles as defined by the RISCAuthority Design Guide, the CPD will demonstrate how they work to reduce the risk of fire in buildings. The module will also discuss the importance of compartmentation, structural fire protection, inspection, maintenance and much more.

Available to book online now at, the 60-minute session is offered as an in-person CPD and will allow designers, fire engineers, occupiers, consultants and building owners to strengthen their understanding of effective passive fire protection methods. Attendees will also learn about the ecological and environmental impacts of a building fire and understand who shares liability if a fire occurs.

‘Essential Principles — Passive Fire Protection Solutions’ is the latest addition to the company’s expanding range of CPDs, which help specifiers and contractors better understand the role of insulation in the built environment.

“We’re continually investing in the development of CPDs to help the industry keep abreast of regulatory change and promote best practice,” said Will Wigfield, Fire Protection and HVAC Product Manager at ROCKWOOL. “This CPD takes an illustrative and accessible approach to explaining the 12 essential principles, supporting the industry in designing and constructing buildings which are safe and compliant.”

For more information on the learning outcomes of the Essential Principles – Passive Fire Protection Solutions CPD or to schedule a session, please visit

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