£21m investment for rapid rehousing in Scotland

£21m investment for rapid rehousing in Scotland

The Scottish Government’s has announced £21m investment to fund services and support to move towards rapid rehousing.

This funding is part of the £50m Ending Homelessness Together Fund along with a health funding contribution of £1.5m.

SFHA has announced that it is particularly pleased to see the inclusion of Recommendation 4: ‘Scottish Government, local authorities and Registered Social Landlords should continue to ensure an adequate affordable and social housing supply to tackle immediate needs, including a commitment to continue investing at comparable levels in affordable social housing beyond the current programme to safeguard supply in the longer term.’

Commenting on the final recommendations of the Housing and Rough Sleeping Action Group, Zhan McIntyre, Policy Lead at SFHA, said: “Instigating a national policy shift towards rapid rehousing requires not only a massive culture shift, but will require substantial planning and investment. We are pleased that the Scottish Government have recognised this, with the £21m investment signalling a real game-changer in terms of ending homelessness.

“SFHAs ambition is that everyone has a good home in a successful community, with a range of high quality, affordable, safe and accessible homes that meet people’s changing needs and aspirations. We look forward to working with members and our partners to help deliver our ambition and the recommendations set out by the Housing and Rough Sleeping Action Group.”


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