Project 80 will be a ‘living lab’ to test how to achieve the Future Homes Standard

Project 80 will be a ‘living lab’ to test how to achieve the Future Homes Standard

Baxi air source heat pumps are to be used in a pioneering project, launched today (7th March), to implement low carbon heating in new houses.

From 2025, the proposed Future Homes Standard will ban gas boilers in new-build homes and require more stringent building energy efficiency requirements — all with the aim of reducing carbon emissions by 80%.

Two complete Baxi Assure air source heat pump systems will be installed at ‘Project 80’ in Handsworth, Birmingham, which aims to meet the Future Homes Standard three years ahead of schedule. The project is led by housing association Midland Heart.

The houses will be lived in by families and will be a ‘living lab’ to test how they manage in their futuristic homes. The evidence gathered will help to inform how housing providers, developers and their suppliers adapt to the standard ahead of an expected technical consultation in 2023.

Air source heat pumps are a low carbon energy technology that reverses the refrigeration process to take the warmth from the air outside (even when it’s freezing) and use it to heat homes.

The homes are due for completion by Easter 2022, three years ahead of the Government’s target.

Baxi Air Source Heat Pump Development Manager Ryan Kirkwood said: “Our involvement in Project 80 will demonstrate how our air source heat pumps can make an important contribution to lowering greenhouse gas emissions in new homes. We will also gain insights from monitoring how people adapt to living in these homes that will help us to solve the complex energy transition.”

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