Procurement consortium changes name to Communities and Housing Investment Consortium

Procurement consortium changes name to Communities and Housing Investment Consortium

Asset management procurement consortium CHIC has changed its registered name to Communities and Housing Investment Consortium to better reflect its wider geographical and member activities.

CHIC is a UK based procurement consortium with a well-established brand and identity for quality service and products, providing efficiencies and savings for its 140+ members. CHIC is a not-for-profit company, owned by its members and governed by a board drawn primarily from the membership.

Following its decade of success within the social housing sector, CHIC now also provides services to other complimentary sectors including Health, Blue Light and Educational bodies, providing Smart Asset Management and Development procurement solutions. These sectors face many of the same procurement challenges as housing

The change of registered name reflects that CHIC is now active across a range of sectors that serve communities more widely than just housing, although social housing providers will continue to be a core part of CHIC’s membership.

Maggie Punyer, Independent Chair of CHIC said: “CHIC’s change of name reflects our growth, both geographically and in the sectors we serve. Our new name retains our core focus but now reflects the much wider demand for our services and the products we can offer these essential public services. Our smart procurement services will not only save money but offer quality and efficiencies but perhaps most importantly ease of access.”

As well as offering both smart procurement solutions and strong commercial support to members, community investment and social value are also core to CHIC’s objectives. Embedded in each major contract is an obligation for contractors and supply chain partners to support local people into training and employment.

CHIC’s services include a wide range of frameworks and a Dynamic Purchasing System. These support the procurement for merchants and building materials, building safety and compliance services, planned and capital investment, legal and professional services, new-build development (including MMC), new technologies and for carbon reduction. CHIC has also just launched an order management system, COMS, which provides control transparency for organisations managing projects.

CHIC’s Chief Executive, John Fisher commented: ‘CHIC understands our asset management and procurement needs and challenges — we are asset managers first and foremost. We offer options for a compliant ‘route to market’, but also actively support our members in sourcing and then managing effective solutions. Following our success within the housing sector, we are delighted to be able to respond to and offer complimentary support to colleagues in other sectors’.

Header image is of the consortium’s showhome.

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