Pinnacle offers support to MTVH’s Christmas Community Value Drive

Pinnacle offers support to MTVH’s Christmas Community Value Drive

In the run up to the 2020 festive season, Pinnacle has worked with Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH) to support communities and alleviate hardship in London, Cambridge and Nottingham.

This year, Pinnacle Group has worked with MTVH as a part of its ongoing commitment to communities across the UK suffering hardship during the festive season. Over the last few months, Pinnacle has:

  • Donated and erected Christmas trees across the country;
  • Supported MTVH with producing and distributing Christmas Hampers in Nottingham, Cambridge and London; and
  • Donated £3,000 to help make Christmas happen for MTVH residents.

Pinnacle Group donated six Christmas trees to MTVH, to be erected on their sites across the country. One of the chosen sites, St Martins’ Estate in Tulse Hill, Lambeth, hosted an orchestral concert to celebrate the festive season after the tree was put up and decorated, bringing some much-needed cheer to the community.

Pinnacle Group has also been helping MTVH to offer residents Christmas hampers and a donation of £3,000 was made to MTVH to support families with hampers containing food and small gifts such as books. In addition to the donation, Pinnacle also supported MTVH in the collection and delivery of the Christmas hampers across the East Midlands, East Anglia and London.

Pinnacle staff have volunteered their time, and Pinnacle Group the use of their vans, to help MTVH with all these Christmas deliveries. These deliveries will help ensure many vulnerable and socially isolated MTVH residents feel the benefit of being actively engaged with during the festive period.

Pinnacle recognises that food poverty, isolation and loneliness is a serious issue in the UK, now more than ever. As a leading community-facing, front-line service provider, Pinnacle is focused on supporting the communities in which it works and has been grateful for the opportunity to support MTVH to make Christmas happen.

Martin Rosiak, Area Manager from Pinnacle Group shared a summary of the hard work that Pinnacle employees have been doing to support MTVH: “We are immensely proud of all of the Pinnacle Employees, who have gone above and beyond to support MTVH this Christmas. A special thank you goes out to our colleague Diogo driving to the MTVH Lambeth site to help switch on the Christmas tree lights for the concert, and to all of our volunteers delivering Christmas hampers to residents across London, Cambridge and Nottingham.”

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