Pinnacle Group invests in ESG and launches strategy

Pinnacle Group invests in ESG and launches strategy

Leading community-facing services and infrastructure provider, Pinnacle Group, bolsters its investment in ESG. This forms part of Pinnacles’ ambitious growth strategy and builds upon decades of the company delivering added value for clients, customers and communities.

Pinnacle has appointed an ESG Lead, as the Group integrates ESG across its services portfolio, which includes housing and facilities management services, as well as businesses Pinnacle Power and Grain.

The ESG Lead will drive the delivery of its ESG Framework, which has just been launched. This sets out the companies approach to Environment, Social and Governance. The framework Pinnacle has developed is structured around four pillars — ‘Protect Our Planet’, ‘Our People’, ‘Community Impact’ and ‘Responsible Business’, each pillar has a set of unique commitments.

To bring rigour to its measurement and reporting the company is aligning to the TOMS framework and progress will be reviewed regularly by an ESG steering group, as well as the Executive team conducting an in-depth business wide review each quarter.

Group Chief Executive of Pinnacle Group, Perry Lloyd, said: “Our vision to be ESG leaders is an important part of our company strategy and we are incredibly proud to be launching our ESG Framework. Our investment in ESG and developing our company-wide commitments naturally evolve what we have been delivering as a company for decades. It is the next logical step for us.

“We value the impact we can have and setting out our approach within an ESG Framework gives our 3,000 strong team clear direction on how as a company we are working towards our purpose of transforming communities, changing lives. It helps us build a business for the future and crucially benefits society and we are honoured to be able to make a difference.

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