Online CPD seminars covering flat roof refurbishment for local authorities’ estate

Online CPD seminars covering flat roof refurbishment for local authorities’ estate

Professionals are required to keep up-to-date with knowledge and skills to support the delivery of a high-quality service that safeguards the public. To offer flexibility and convenience to groups and individuals, Langley has two comprehensive CPD seminars available online — ‘Mitigating Risk in Flat Roofing’ and ‘Good Flat Roofing: Guidance for Roofing Refurbishment’.

CPD seminar – Mitigating Risk in Flat Roofing – one hour
678 total fires on the roof and roofspace in dwellings in 2018/2019 (source:Gov UK). It is essential that a compliant flat roof system is specified.

This CPD seminar informs on the performance of materials, good design and appropriate installation, focusing on mitigating fire risk for each topic. It touches on legislation including Building Regulations and the best practice guidelines, Safe2Torch.

This seminar is suitable for those looking to gain a deeper understanding on key specification information for flat roofing systems. It will help the viewer interrogate specifications in the future to ensure a durable, safe and compliant system is chosen.


  • Understanding the Regulations
  • Broof(t4) fire rating for the penetration and spread of fire
  • How to check certification
  • Safe2Torch
  • Understanding the three core areas in mitigating fire:
    • Performance of materials
    • Good design
    • Installation

CPD seminar – Good Flat Roofing: Guidance for Roofing Refurbishment – one hour
With budgets under increasing pressure, roof maintenance and repairs are commonly addressed reactively as issues occur. To minimise the risk of costly and potentially disruptive issues occurring, a roof should be viewed as an asset and managed in the same way as any other. In its most basic sense asset management is the process of introducing, operating, maintaining and then upgrading an asset. This can only be carried out effectively if the process is carefully planned and the status of each roof area is understood and monitored.

Easily accessible data is a crucial element of managing any estate. Without good data any long term strategic approach is unattainable and the management of the estate budget is rendered a purely reactive one.

This CPD seminar gives a detailed understanding on the approach to flat roof refurbishment and what needs to be addressed prior to finalised specification.

It will take the viewer through the challenges encountered on flat roofing projects and covers roof data collection, types of flat roofs, designs considerations and site expectations. Suitable for those interested in gaining full comprehension on refurbishment of a flat roof estate, as an ‘out-of-site’ asset.


  • Flat roof types and their construction
  • Green roofing
  • Design and safety considerations
  • Insulation and Part L Regulations
  • Site controls
  • Guarantee and technical expectations

Both seminars are delivered by Langley’s expert team online and offer complete flexibility to choose the date and time. In addition, there is the opportunity, at the end of each seminar, to have a live Q&A session.

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