Newark housing provider listed as ‘One to Watch’ in Best Companies awards

Newark housing provider listed as ‘One to Watch’ in Best Companies awards

A ‘Best Companies’ accreditation has been awarded to Newark and Sherwood Homes, with the housing provider making its way onto the ‘Ones to Watch’ list.

The accreditation is awarded to organisations with high levels of workplace engagement and companies that also show promising signs for the future. The housing provider received the accolade following a series of positive feedback from employees, where wellbeing, leadership and personal growth were all taken into account.

Rebecca Rance, Chief Executive at Newark and Sherwood Homes, said: “We are delighted to be part of this nationally recognised list, which really highlights and reflects our high levels of workplace engagement and satisfaction. We have a large focus on employee wellbeing and we ensure our employees are driven and committed in the workplace, making a difference to local people and their local communities every day.

“We strongly value all of our employees, and each individual has a pivotal role in ensuring we work to the best of our ability, putting tenants’ and customers’ needs first and focusing on making a difference to succeed.

“By being part of this exclusive list, we demonstrate to our tenants, customers, partners, current and future employees that we are a great company to work for, one that understands the importance of workplace engagement. Being ‘one to watch’ highlights that we are constantly developing, growing and finding new innovative ways of working.

“Our employees deserve to be recognised for all their hard work and efforts in making a difference to local communities across our district, and we are absolutely thrilled to share this good news with them. We will strive for further improvement to work our way up the list as one of the best companies to work for in the UK.”

Sarah Hartley-Hill, Senior Customer Service Advisor at Newark and Sherwood Homes said: “I am really proud to work for Newark and Sherwood Homes, a local company that gives back to our community. I am really excited that we have been recognised as a great employer as part of this Best Companies list.”

Companies earn recognition through a multi-step process of factor scoring, factor combination and then normalisation, known as a BCI score. The ‘Ones to Watch’ accreditation is given to companies with a BCI score of at least 600 and reflects companies that show ‘good’ levels of workplace engagement.

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