New-build homes continue to attract huge interest across Oldham

New-build homes continue to attract huge interest across Oldham

First Choice Homes Oldham (FCHO) is bringing more new homes to this Greater Manchester Borough with properties available through Rent to Buy or Affordable Rent.

The landlord, which currently managers 12,000 properties, has vowed to invest £150m in 1,000 homes by 2024, is currently building nearly 200 new houses across 10 development sites.

Earlier this year FCHO launched its Fabric Living arm, which focuses on bringing shared ownership homes to Oldham to help people on to the property ladder.

Now the landlord has completed work on 56 new Rent to Buy homes with all 56 quickly let.

The Rent to Buy properties, which include developments at Acre Lane in Derker, Coleridge Road in Moorside, Keb Lane in Bardsley, and Thorpe Road in Royton, allow customers to rent a newly-built home at approximately 20% below market rate for five years.

During that time, customers have the option to buy the property, or buy part of it under the shared ownership scheme.

A further 50 Rent to Buy homes are set to be completed by the end of the year.

Happy couple Janine and Ashley Hornby were amongst the first people to move into one of FCHO’s new Rent to Buy homes in Royton.

Bar worker Janine and store manager Ashley never thought they would have the opportunity to buy a property, but the Rent to Buy scheme has enabled them to do so.

They will rent for five years and save a deposit to buy. Janine and Ashley had previously bid for 20 homes, but never been able to secure a property.

Janine said: “We can’t believe this house is ours. It is beautiful, just perfect. We have so much space, a lovely garden and friendly neighbours. We are close to shops and the city centre.”

FCHO has also completed work on 20 new homes for Affordable Rent with developments at Coleridge Road and Hillbrow in Moorside and Thorpe Road in Royton The homes will help ease pressure on Oldham’s housing waiting list. FCHO has plans to build more homes for affordable rent by the end of the year.

Chief Executive Vinny Roche says FCHO will continue to play a big role in easing the ever-increasing housing demand in Oldham. He said: “We’re committed to improving lives in Oldham and a major part of that approach will see us bring much needed new homes to the town. Through our Rent to Buy, Shared Ownership and affordable rent offers we are bringing homes to help people in all different circumstances.”

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