Muir Housing Group announces plans to build 75% more homes

Muir Housing Group announces plans to build 75% more homes

Sam Scott, Executive Director of Operations at Muir Group Housing Association, says Muir will build up to 75% more new homes each year in a bid to ensure there is adequate affordable housing for people, families and communities.

Sam Scott said: “Muir is planting its flag firmly in the ground with regards to the provision of affordable housing. There is a national housing crisis. Housing associations need to seize the moment, and at Muir we believe that the moment is now.

“We want to play our part in ensuring there is sufficient affordable housing for all.”

Sam is rallying other similar-sized housing associations to follow suit after it announced the huge increase in its operations, following a recent government decision to boost the £7bn pot previously available for housing schemes by a further £2bn.

“Muir may be modest in size compared to many other housing associations, but this represents a big commitment from us, and is a huge step forward in relative terms,” Sam added.

“Smaller housing associations need to grasp the opportunity and play their part in helping to bridge the growing issues around affordability — ensuring there are more quality homes available to people on lower incomes.”

Currently building an average of 100 homes each year, Muir is now committing to delivering up to 175 new homes annually, including a mix of affordable rent and shared ownership options.

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