L&Q’s Fair Pay Report reveals gender pay gap has almost been eradicated

L&Q’s Fair Pay Report reveals gender pay gap has almost been eradicated

L&Q’s latest Fair Pay Report has revealed that the median gender pay gap has narrowed to 1.34%.

The new figures reveal that the median pay gap between male and female employees has fallen substantially over the last few years.

In 2017, median figures showed that male employees earned 9.5% more, falling to 7.6% in 2018. For comparison, the latest UK-wide figures from the Office for National Statistics show that the national average median gender pay gap is 17.3%.

The median ethnicity pay gap also fell from 3.1% to 2.3% in the latest L&Q report, which uses data from 2019.

Figures from L&Q Living, the housing association’s care and support subsidiary, reported a 0.7% median pay gap for gender and 0% median pay gap for ethnicity.

The report also shows that the median wage for disabled L&Q employees was 4.6% higher than for other staff, rising to 5.2% for L&Q Living.

In publishing their disability pay reporting, L&Q has joined the 3% of organisations that currently do so. They are also in the 31% of organisations that have revealed their ethnicity pay reporting.

L&Q’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Jan Gale, welcomed the improved figures and said the addition of ethnicity and disability figures to the report was an important step towards improving pay parity.

Jan said: “It’s a fantastic achievement to get our gender pay gap to less than two per cent, with our ethnicity pay gap not far behind. It shows that the steps we are taking to promote equality throughout the organisation are bearing fruit. We are also proud to lead the way in transparency by including our ethnicity and disability pay reporting in our Fair Pay report this year.”

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