London Assembly calls for urgent safeguards to prevent another Grenfell tragedy

London Assembly calls for urgent safeguards to prevent another Grenfell tragedy

London Assembly Members have agreed a unanimous motion calling for further urgent safeguards for London residents, almost one year on from the devastating Grenfell fire. 

Tom Copley AM, who proposed the motion said: “With the anniversary of the disastrous fire at Grenfell Tower approaching, Londoners must be given unambiguous assurances that stringent action is being taken to ensure that it can never be allowed to happen again.

“However, one year on, it is extremely concerning to see that a significant number of Londoners are still exposed to the risks and dangers of highly combustible cladding in their homes. This is absolutely unacceptable.

“Grenfell has left an indelible mark on our city, and we need to ensure that no such disaster is ever repeated. This is why I am calling upon the Mayor, and the Chairman of the London Assembly, to write to the Government to suggest a number of measures that will prevent the future use of combustible cladding and stretch the scope of their policies to protect private tenants.

“I have also urged them to hold the Government to their promise of fully funding the removal of dangerous cladding and insulation from council and housing association properties, without the possibility of a cap.”

The full text of the motion calls upon the Mayor and the Chairman of the Assembly to add their support by writing to the Secretary of State to urge them to:

  • reconsider the use of combustible and limited combustibility cladding and insulation on high-rise residential blocks, schools and hospitals;
  • ensure that dangerous cladding is removed and replaced where it already exists on all buildings whether council, housing association or private;
  • ensure that there will be no cap on the full funding provided by Government for the removal and replacement of dangerous cladding by councils and housing associations; and
  • end the use of “desktop studies” that award fire safety certificates without a basis in rigorous testing; and enact the policy recommendations of the London Assembly report “Never Again: Sprinklers as the next step in fire safety”.

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