Liberal Democrat Leader’s visit puts Cambridge regeneration project in the spotlight

Liberal Democrat Leader’s visit puts Cambridge regeneration project in the spotlight

TV crews descended on Hundred Houses Society’s Eastfield development where housing developer Lovell is working in partnership with Iceni Homes on a regeneration project to deliver 50 new affordable homes.

Lovell Regional Managing Director Simon Medler joined Hundred Houses Chief Executive Mary Gibbons, Hundred Houses Chair Nick Abbey and Iceni Homes Managing Director Phil Murton to welcome Mr Farron to the scheme, which is replacing 26 existing properties with energy-efficient homes, built to modern standards. The rejuvenated neighbourhood will include green spaces and integrated cycle paths while homes will benefit from high-quality insulation and high-efficiency boilers, windows and doors.

Lovell Regional Managing Director Simon Medler said: “We were delighted to join our partners in welcoming Mr Farron to this significant regeneration scheme which is creating much-needed modern affordable homes for Cambridge, built with a strong focus on energy efficiency.”

The new housing comprises 35 affordable rent homes and 15 shared ownership homes, all of which will be managed by Hundred Houses Society.

While the original site was made up of three-bedroom homes, the new homes will offer a mix of property sizes from one-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom houses, as well as two-bedroom bungalows, one of which is fully wheelchair accessible. All the homes are designed to the ‘Lifetime Homes Standard’, ensuring they can meet the needs of customers with mobility issues and help people stay in their homes for longer.

The housing teams at Hundred Houses Society have been working closely with local residents to keep them up-to-date with plans for the site and to move customers into alternative accommodation while building takes place. Many existing customers will be moving back into new homes in the neighbourhood when the building work is completed in March 2018.

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