Kensa brings heat to Scottish Renewables COP26 campaign

Kensa brings heat to Scottish Renewables COP26 campaign

Ground source heat pump contractor, Kensa Contracting, is proud to partner with Scottish Renewables to bring renewable heating expertise to their ‘Year of COP’ campaign.

Over the course of 2021, the partnership will deliver a series of exciting events and impactful activities to raise awareness of renewable technology in the lead up to COP26: the United Nations climate change conference that is taking place in Glasgow in November. The programme starts with a virtual ‘COP Conference’ taking place on 25th February.

Together, Scottish Renewables, advocates for sustainable heat and power for Scotland’s homes, and Kensa, pioneers of the mass adoption of ground source heat pumps in domestic properties, will aim to put heat firmly on the COP26 agenda and highlight the need to drastically cut carbon emissions within the domestic heating sector to help the UK to meet its net-zero targets.

Nick Sharpe, Director of Communications and Strategy at Scottish Renewables, said: “Heat makes up more than half of the energy used in Scotland every day, but we’ve hardly begun the journey of tackling the emissions caused by burning fossil fuels to keep our homes and businesses warm.

“Therefore, we’re delighted to welcome Scottish Renewables member Kensa Contracting, one of the UK’s leading renewable heat providers, as a Partner of our Year of COP activity. They’ll be helping us to take the renewable energy story to the people who need to hear it in the run-up to the most important climate change event the UK has ever staged — COP 26 in Glasgow in November.

“There’s never been a more important time to accelerate the decarbonisation of our energy system and the electrification of heat — using heat pump technology provided by companies like Kensa — will play a fundamental role in our journey to net-zero.”

Dr Matthew Trewhella, Managing Director of Kensa Contracting, said: “We are delighted to be working with Scottish Renewables on the ‘Year of COP’ campaign. The upcoming COP26 summit is vitally important for the future of our planet — meaningful commitments and demonstrable action must be taken by world leaders now, if we are to in any way reverse the damage done by global warming. Stopping burning fossil fuels to heat our homes would make a huge difference, and as the UK’s leading manufacturer and installer of non-combustion ground source heat pumps, Kensa is certainly part of the solution.

“The green industry here in the UK has the proven technology and the know-how to deliver on our ambitious zero carbon targets and fulfil the country’s global obligations to reduce emissions. With the biggest international summit the UK has ever hosted happening in Glasgow this November, the time is right for renewable businesses to showcase our innovation and delivery capabilities on a global stage.”

Matthew continued: “We look forward to kicking off the programme of activities to raise the profile of the industry with Scottish Renewable’s virtual COP Conference later this month.”

Scottish Renewable’s precursor COP Conference taking place on 25th February will discuss Scotland’s key advantages in regards to renewable energy, as well as what the future energy mix could look like, the pathway for new technologies and alternative energy sources. Interested parties can book a free delegate pass now.

At the conference, Kensa will share details of its shared ground loop array solutions: the innovative approach to district heating being successfully used to facilitate the large-scale roll-out of environmentally-friendly ground source heat pumps in homes across the UK.

Matthew Black, Kensa’s Business Development Manager for Scotland, will be taking part in the online panel discussion. He commented: “The deployment of ground source heat pumps is particularly effective at alleviating fuel poverty in rural areas, and shared ground loop arrays are the most effective solution for delivering Scotland’s large-scale ambitions for the decarbonisation of heat. Along with the right policy changes, we can make significant progress towards Scotland’s 2045 net-zero carbon target and beyond. The race to decarbonise heat is on!”

Kensa will also be delivering a stand-alone programme of events and interactive experiences in anticipation of COP26 to facilitate discussions about the pathway to a zero carbon future and the role ground source heat pumps will play.

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