Grand Union Housing Group aims to house over 1,000 families by 2021

Grand Union Housing Group aims to house over 1,000 families by 2021

Local housing provider Grand Union Housing Group (GUHG) is looking to house over 1,000 families in new homes over the next four years for affordable rent and shared ownership.

The Group currently has 39 different sites on the go with over 550 new homes being built on them. It is aiming to complete nearly 1,400 new homes by 2021, housing over 1,000 families in the process.

GUHG Chief Executive, Aileen Evans and Director of Operations, Phil Hardy recently visited the Group’s Moretayne Park development in Marston Moretaine, which will result in 38 new two- and three-bedroom homes.

Aileen said: “With house prices continuing to rise, more and more people are struggling to afford to buy their own home or even rent privately. As an affordable housing provider, we are making it our mission to ensure as many people as possible have access to well built, affordable homes.

“With the number of new homes we are building in the coming years, we hope to be able to house as many families as possible.”

The Group saw 262 of the almost 1,400 new homes delivered in 2016/17 and is looking to build over 300 per year moving forward.

Dave Lakin, Head of New Business and Development at GUHG, added: “Since the Group was formed in 2008 we have dramatically increased the delivery of new homes, up from an average of around 155 new homes per year.

“Our increased development numbers will help us achieve our goal of building more homes, stronger communities and better lives.”

The Group’s new homes are part of 88,000 being built across the country in the next five years by PlaceShapers, a network of more than 100 community focussed housing associations.

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