Groundbreaking plans for Norton unveiled by NRHA

Groundbreaking plans for Norton unveiled by NRHA

Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association (NRHA) is breaking new ground with an innovative affordable housing pilot project in Norton near Daventry.

Working in partnership with Norton Parish Council, Snowdon Homes and Orbit Homes, NRHA has submitted a planning application for a scheme comprising eight affordable homes, two properties for local market sale and two, four-bedroom self-build plots.

Offering self-build plots is a new venture for NRHA. Following the introduction of the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015, all local authorities must now research demand for self-build plots in their area. When Daventry District Council identified a local need, NRHA agreed to work with them to offer plots within their new affordable housing scheme in Norton.

NRHA will provide a serviced plot with secure outline planning for a four-bedroom footprint. The buyer then has the freedom to submit a detailed planning application for a design, which meets their specific needs.

Surpluses generated from the sale of the self-build plots and the local market homes will be used to subside the eight affordable properties, which will only be offered to local people with a connection to Norton.

NRHA has carefully designed the scheme hand-in-hand with the Parish Council to ensure the plans are fully in keeping with its Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

As the village does not currently have an open space where older children can meet, NRHA has agreed to gift the Parish Council an area of land within the scheme for ball games and socialising.

Richard Mugglestone, Company Secretary of NRHA commented: “We are excited that our groundbreaking plans for Norton are starting to become a reality. We have been working with the Parish Council for three years to get to this stage.

“Although the scheme is small, we know that it will make a big difference to local people who cannot afford to continue living in the village they know and love.”

It is hoped that work will start on site in Norton in Spring 2021.

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