Four generations help celebrate Rural Housing Week in Yarwell

Four generations help celebrate Rural Housing Week in Yarwell

Four generations of one family have been brought together by Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association’s new affordable housing development in Yarwell.

Four-year-old Isabella Lovett and her 78-year-old grandma, Jean Perry, are living proof that housebuilding in rural areas is helping communities to survive and thrive. Isabella and Jean, along with other members of their extended family, joined Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association for a celebration tea party, to help mark Rural Housing Week 2018 and the completion of the organisation’s latest development of affordable homes.

The main theme of this year’s national event was to demonstrate the positive value of housebuilding in rural areas and to show why the idea of NIMBYism is simply outdated.

NRHA’s most recent development of five new homes for affordable rent and four for shared ownership was made possible by funding from Homes England. All the properties were offered to people with a local connection to the village such as through family or work ties.

Kayley, a resident aged 30, says: “Buying a property in Yarwell wouldn’t have been an option for us, especially as I will be studying for my nursing degree for the next three years.

“We moved in to the new development at the end of May and we honestly couldn’t be happier. We have three lovely bedrooms and a nice garden, which has turned out to be an amazing asset. The children absolutely adore it and it has improved their little lives no end.

“Yarwell is a lovely village surrounded by some beautiful countryside and we are just so grateful that we are all lucky enough to be able to live here together.”

Craig Felts, Company Secretary of Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association, added: “Our new development at Yarwell shows how small-scale affordable housing developments can transform the lives of local families such as the Lovetts.

“By bringing families together in our rural communities, we are helping to keep our villages alive for the generations to come.”

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