‘Fire Stopping – Understanding your liability’ CPD now available

‘Fire Stopping – Understanding your liability’ CPD now available

ROCKWOOL has launched a new CPD ‘Fire Stopping — Understanding your liability’ to educate fire stopping stakeholders on how to manage liability through improved proficiency and best practice adoption.

The one-hour session is available to book online at rockwool.com/uk and is offered as an in-person CPD.

‘Fire Stopping — Understanding your liability’ is the latest CPD in a fire protection education series, explaining current UK Acts and statutory regulations and how they influence your legal liability in provision of fire protection.

“All ROCKWOOL CPDs have been developed to educate the industry on the importance of following recognised best practices, and this is especially true for Fire Stopping – Understanding your liability,” said Paul Barrett, Head of Product Management at ROCKWOOL. “It delves into the importance of designing and installing effective compartmentation and what to expect if it is not achieved.”

Underpinning the company’s CPD programme is an extensive suite of technical and support tools to facilitate quality and accurate installations. This includes the Firestopping Standard Details Guide which equips architects, developers and contractors with detailed drawings on approved applications for the FIREPRO firestopping range. Also at hand is the ROCKWOOL FIREPRO Resource Hub. This online hub helps specifiers to select the most suitable passive fire protection solutions for their projects, with an array of product information, performance advice and technical tools.

To learn more about the ‘Understanding your liability’ module, register to attend the CPD session at rockwool.com/uk/cpd-liability.

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