European funding to apply Energiesprong retrofits to apartments in UK, France, Germany and Holland

European funding to apply Energiesprong retrofits to apartments in UK, France, Germany and Holland

The Energiesprong approach for comfortable, affordable and future proof homes kicks off Interreg NWE´s Mustbe0 project to make net zero energy suitable for apartment buildings in North West Europe. This means another leap to fight UK´s fuel poverty and reach our climate goals.

The UK, France, Germany and Holland alone have 43 million apartments that are not future proof. There is no compelling deep energy retrofit solution for apartment buildings available yet. A solution for apartments is key for all countries to achieve the EU’s 2050 CO2 target. That is why after a successful start bringing the Dutch Energiesprong approach for affordable, desirable, long-term performance guaranteed net zero energy (NZE) retrofits to Europe for single family homes (E=0), the coming three years will see Energiesprong develop solutions and create a market for apartment buildings in North West Europe.

Under the new Mustbe0 programme funded by Interreg NWE market development teams in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands will create a viable path to scale. By kick-starting a market for net zero energy retrofits for apartments as well, the market will only be more competitive which will drive quality up and costs down even further.

Goodbye to cold and hard to heat homes
The Energiesprong approach could, according to Green Alliance, nearly eliminate the carbon emissions of 41% of the UK’s housing stock. And this would be only the tip of the iceberg of the numerous other benefits it could bring. Fuel poverty is history after a net zero energy retrofit because the house itself provides enough energy for heating and household appliances. After the retrofit the house is comfortable and looks good. On top of that houses are healthier because they are free of mould and drafts. We also see these radical makeovers bring more cohesion into the street.

The first net zero makeovers in the UK are part of Nottingham City Council’s housing stock and a rollout of it will happen in two phases; InterregNWE programme E=0 is supporting the first 17 retrofits and a European Regional Development Funded project, Deep Retrofit Energy Model (DREeM) which aims to improve the efficiency of homes & public buildings in Nottingham is supporting the bulk of the rollout. The rollout follows a successful UK first pilot funded by European Union funding stream Horizon 2020, through a project called REMOURBAN.

8,000 apartments in Nottingham, we need to act fast

Nottingham City Council and Nottingham City Homes are partners in the Mustbe0 project to adapt the concept to apartment buildings.

Emily Braham, Head of Sustainable Energy for Nottingham City Homes explained why NCH are keen to take part: “More than 8,000 of the properties the Council owns are apartments, so it’s really important for us to develop a 2050 retrofit solution which works for our tenants and leaseholders who live in these properties. This will ensure many more of our tenants benefit from reduced fuel bills and warmer and more comfortable homes.”

Michael Wayne Brexton, Head of Energy Services Nottingham City Council added: “The commitment of NCC to be a carbon neutral city by 2028 means we need to act fast to retrofit our housing to net zero energy. We are looking forward to working with Mustbe0 partners across North West Europe to help realise this goal.”

What is net zero energy?
The Energiesprong net zero energy standard provides modern and comfortable homes that people love to live in. Each home produces enough energy for its heating, hot water and appliances. Money that would have been spent on energy bills and maintenance funds the improvement. The aim is that the cost of living doesn’t increase because real-life performance for energy use and indoor comfort is guaranteed for up to 30 years. A complete home makeover can take less than 10 days and has been done in as little as a day.

Pictured above is the first Energiesprong pilot project in the UK delivered for Nottingham City Homes by Melius Homes and Studio Partington. Image ©Energiesprong International.

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