Ecological Building Systems launches CLT CPD

Ecological Building Systems launches CLT CPD

Ecological Building Systems has developed a new CPD presentation aimed at highlighting the benefits of using CLT (cross-laminated timber) and woodfibre insulation in unison to maximise the performance of CLT schemes.

Showcasing case studies of timber-based construction projects in the UK including The Woodland Trust’s headquarters in Grantham, The Steiner School in Frome and the headquarters of furniture company Vitsoe (pictured above), the CPD demonstrates to architects, specifiers and contractors that CLT is a viable alternative to concrete, masonry or steel on a huge variety of construction projects. It discusses the ease and speed of build, thermal performance, fire resistance and sustainability benefits of using CLT and woodfibre insulation in combination.

The CPD also outlines the benefits of Ecological Building Systems’ Gutex range of woodfibre insulation, which has been in production using recycled spruce and pine woodchips since 1932. It explains how Gutex’s thermal, acoustic and diffusion open properties can enhance a CLT construction project, complementing the CLT structure to maximise its performance, sustainability and carbon lock up advantages.

The CPD demonstrates how woodfibre insulation like Gutex can be used to insulate every part of the building envelope, including both internal and external wall surfaces and the roof, as part of a complete, air tight building envelope. It includes a step-by-step guide to the simplified CLT build, from foundations and erection of CLT walls, through to installation of an air tight membrane and woodfibre insulation, prior to installation of the chosen cladding system.

Finally, the CPD presentation explores detailing and the proper use and specification of tapes, fixings and ventilation, demonstrating how the compatibility of materials and correct installation optimises the vapour permeability of the finished construction while providing thermal performance up to Passivhaus standards.

Fintan Wallace from Ecological Building Systems commented: “CLT has been proven as a durable, environmentally-sound and cost effective construction material suitable for the delivery of rapid and economically prudent projects across a wide range of sectors, from private homes and residential tower blocks to offices and schools.

“This CPD aims to share our experience of optimising the performance and flexibility of CLT by demonstrating how it fits with our range of environmentally-appropriate and effective range of insulation and air tightness solutions.”

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