Cenergist partners with Leeds City Council to deliver £14m decarbonisation project

Cenergist partners with Leeds City Council to deliver £14m decarbonisation project

Cenergist, a leading energy and water services company is pleased to have been chosen as a partner by Leeds City Council to deliver a £14m carbon reduction upgrade to 30 schools, offices and leisure centres in Leeds. Cenergist will carry out the works with the aim of completing by end-September 2021.  

Leeds City Council’s ambition is to reduce Leeds’ direct emissions to net zero by 2030. The decarbonisation project aims to reduce the city’s carbon emissions by nearly 4,000 tonnes. The works include the installation of Air Source Heat Pumps — which extract heat from the air — to reduce the reliance on natural gas and cut carbon emissions. In addition Cenergist will carry out heat optimisation, plant room and pipework upgrades as well as LED lighting. The works also include the installation of high efficiency water flow controllers that save both energy and water in buildings.

“We are delighted to partner with Leeds City Council to help deliver its ambitious net zero target for 2030. Heat pump and water efficiency technologies will play a key role in meeting decarbonisation goals and it is great to work with one of the leading local authorities in this area,” said Dan Ludgate, Director of Energy Infrastructure at Cenergist.

Councillor James Lewis, Leader of Leeds City Council, added: “The decarbonisation project is a great step in the right direction for Leeds. With our aim to halve our own emissions by 2025, it has become increasingly important for us to protect and create hundreds of skilled green jobs in local businesses, as we work to build a sustainable economic recovery.

“Looking to the future and with our partner Cenergist, we are set to achieve significant carbon and energy savings, as well as notable cost reductions and improved backlog maintenance management.”

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