Actis offers CPD to Scottish councils as range achieves LABSS

Actis offers CPD to Scottish councils as range achieves LABSS

Insulation manufacturer Actis is embarking on a campaign of CPD seminars to raise awareness of its flagship product range’s newly acquired LABSS registered details status among all councils across Scotland.

With timber frame making up 76% of the Scottish new-build market, the company believes its Hybrid range is of particular importance to the construction industry countrywide.

The certification means the three products in the Actis Hybrid range can now be automatically accepted by all 32 local authorities across Scotland, when used according to the certification.

The range acquired LABC registered details some time ago, which covers its use in England and Wales.

Actis technical manager Thomas Wiedmer believes it will reinforce the reputation of the products not only in Scotland, but also south of the border.

Actis regional sales director Jemma Harris, who is hosting the Scottish seminars, explained: “The range — honeycomb insulation Hybris, breather membrane Boost’R Hybrid and vapour control layer HControl Hybrid — is particularly popular among timber frame developers who install it off site into walls and roofs along with other services such as wiring and plumbing.

“The products can be installed quickly, easily and effectively by someone who has had minimal training which can even be delivered via an on line tutorial. Many builders report time savings of 25 to 50% in installing it. And it delivers an impressive thermal efficiency.”

Dundee City Council was the first local authority in Scotland to attend a CPD seminar offered by Actis.

The one hour free seminar, offered to all councils in Scotland, is a Construction CPD Certification Service certified module focusing on how to address thermal bridging. It looks at why the performance gap exists, the effects of external factors on the fabric efficiency of a building, air tightness and how reflective insulation can address these issues.

Jemma and her team will be offering the free seminars to all councils in Scotland.

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