Showerwall | Low maintenance, long lifecycle bathrooms

Showerwall | Low maintenance, long lifecycle bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in a property, so making sure they perform well and offer long-term value for money can be a challenge for affordable housing providers. Here, Steph Harris, Product Manager at Showerwall discusses why wall panels are becoming an increasingly popular choice for landlords when it comes to delivering low maintenance and long lifecycle bathrooms.

As well as being one of the most used rooms within a home, bathrooms also have to cope with steam, heat and water, which all pose challenges for the appearance, condition and cleanliness of walls. While ceramic tiling has traditionally been used to address these issues, problems such as mildewed grouting, loose tiles and splash-marked walls are common.

Waterproof wall panels are proving an increasingly popular alternative solution for social housing landlords, with design and innovation making them a genuine choice for modern interiors, while still offering value and convenience.

Making the switch from tiles to wall panels can be made easier for maintenance teams with training support from manufacturers like Showerwall. Made for affordable housing, Showerwall’s Laminate wall panels offer a cost-effective alternative to tiles, providing a fully waterproof wall panelling system designed to suit any bathroom renovation or new-build project.

When it comes to retrofitting or installing new bathrooms, giving fitters the chance to get hands-on with wall panels and to ask questions of product experts can help landlords swiftly deliver low maintenance, long lifecycle bathrooms.

Social housing bathroom after the installation of Showerwall’s wall panels in White Crystal

Reducing time and costs
One housing provider to benefit is Southway Housing, as Maintenance Manager Dave Fitzgerald explained: “We were looking for a solution that would enable us to reduce labour time and cost, but also increase the longevity of our bathroom upgrades. We currently maintain around 7,000 properties and needed a product that would be quick to fit but that would also fit the bill and provide a low maintenance, waterproof wallcovering.

“Our building materials provider suggested wall panels and we met with Showerwall who agreed to undertake on-site product and installation training. The training was so helpful and has been really useful for our operatives, as it gives them a chance to ask questions and discuss any issues around installation. I would recommend the training to other housing providers as this gives your team a chance to work with the product under the instruction of an experienced installer. Also, if any issues or questions do arise, then the trainer is on hand to provide the answers and guidance.

“We’re currently fitting Showerwall panels as part of our programme of bathroom upgrades and the feedback has been great, from our operatives and tenants alike. The benefits over tiles are numerous, with less time to install, minimal maintenance and no grout.

“The Sureseal sealing system also provides really good protection compared to standard silicone on tiles. Tile grout and sealant failing is a major cause of leaks and repair work in a lot of our properties’ bathrooms and the Showerwall kit is a good alternative that provides additional protection from leaks. We would definitely recommend Showerwall to other affordable housing providers.”

Hardwearing solution
Fast and easy to install, the panels do not require specialist trades. They provide a cost-effective solution that can be fitted directly over tiles or direct to plaster or plasterboard, resulting in a hardwearing waterproof wall panel system that is built to last and easy to maintain. Ideal for use as part of bath replacements or shower enclosure upgrades, this solid grout-free surface eliminates hiding places for mould, dirt or germs, a simple wipe-clean solution.

Meeting the growing demand for housing is a national challenge and ensuring that all properties remain up to standard is an ongoing priority. Showerwall has been developed with this in mind, ensuring that renovations and upgrades are completed as quickly as possible, whilst also providing a long-lasting solution.

Showerwall offers free trial material and on-site installation training for maintenance managers and specifiers; please email for more information.

To find out more about the Showerwall product range or to order your copy of the new Affordable Housing Collection brochure, visit

Header image: Showerwall’s wall panels in Silver Grey

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