Elevating housing standards through effective procurement

Elevating housing standards through effective procurement

Effective procurement has a crucial role to play in elevating housing standards, says CHIC. Here, the member owned procurement and asset management consortium shares details of its recently introduced Healthy Homes Framework, which aims to help members resolve energy inefficiency and poor housing standards in their residents’ homes.

Retrofitting older housing stock is vital to creating vibrant and healthy communities as the quality of our homes directly influences the wellbeing of residents. It is crucial to recognise that subpar housing conditions, characterised by energy inefficiency, damp, mould and condensation, not only impact the physical health of residents but also contribute to broader social and economic challenges.

Resident centric frameworks play a crucial role in implementing a strategic and effective response to the urgent need for improvement works to ensure tenants have safe and decent living conditions. These strategic agreements between housing authorities and suppliers establish a structured approach to procurement, expediting the process and enhancing efficiency, transparency and innovation.

By pre-approving suppliers and standardising terms, frameworks provide a route to market for swift responses to emerging project requirements. This is particularly important in retrofitting homes to meet safety and decency standards.

Frameworks also contribute by fostering healthy competition among suppliers both during the tender process for new frameworks and when a requirement has been identified for a registered provider. This competition stimulates innovation and cost-effectiveness, encouraging the development and implementation of solutions which have quality output in mind. They also create standard guidelines and benchmarks, ensuring that retrofitted homes adhere to safety, accessibility and sustainability standards.

Consulting registered providers before developing a framework is key to ensure it aligns with market needs and effectively addresses any challenges the sector is confronting. Engaging with supply chain stakeholders offers valuable insights into market dynamics, pricing structures and the availability of materials labour and services. By adopting a collaborative approach and understanding both perspectives it enhances the framework’s relevance and applicability, resulting in a more comprehensive and cost effective solution.

Procurement consortia can facilitate effective collaboration, by bringing together key stakeholders, both during the framework development and throughout each step of programme delivery. A consortium can facilitate streamlined processes, resource optimisation and a shared commitment to enhancing housing standards. The collaborative efforts within a procurement consortium ensure that all stakeholders align with each other’s expectations and goals, addressing any concerns and promoting the long-term wellbeing of communities.

The solution
CHIC, a member owned procurement and asset management consortium, is now inviting tenders for a new Healthy Homes Framework, aiming to help address its members needs to resolve energy inefficiency and poor housing standards in their residents homes. This framework will include consultants, contractors and digital solutions for sustainable, cost-effective and socially responsible retrofitting and property safety measures.

Understanding the framework
This comprehensive four-year framework encompasses a diverse range of solutions designed to enhance residential properties and improve tenants lives. It enables landlords to seamlessly execute retrofit energy efficiency solutions and property safety refurbishments. Through strategic collaborations with CHIC’s supply chain partners, it includes Consultancy Services, Fabric First Measures, Ventilation Systems, Renewable Energy and Heat Systems, Whole House Refurbishment, Damp and Mould Treatments and cutting edge Digital Measuring Tools and Platforms.

CHIC’s four-year framework encompasses a range of solutions to enhance residential properties

Meeting a crucial market need
The requirement for this framework is underscored by the urgent market need for sustainable and socially responsible buildings that are compliant with ever changing regulatory standards. With energy inefficiency posing a significant challenge and safety concerns increasing in recent years, a structured and comprehensive approach becomes imperative. This framework serves as a bridge, aligning the needs of landlords and tenants while driving the sector towards a more sustainable future.

Compliant with PAS 2030 and 2035 and Building Safety Bill standards, it serves as a unified solution for landlords to realise their net-zero emissions goals. By integrating goods, works and services, it streamlines the process of surveying, design, coordination, assessment and implementation, making sustainability and safety more attainable.

“CHIC is delighted to be able to meet a crucial market need through this important framework, supporting our members to champion sustainability and safety as part of their wider approach to delivering their asset management strategies. This milestone reflects our commitment to driving positive change, ensuring that every individual has access to a safe, efficient and socially responsible living environment,” said Luke Hurd, Chief Operating Officer at CHIC.

Separating the works
The framework is divided into three distinct lots to ensure the right suppliers can deliver the works:

  • Lot 1 — Consultancy Services: Tailored for firms specialising in consultancy and design services, it invites expertise in strategizing, assessing, planning and advising for PAS 2035 energy efficiency and safety enhancements.
  • Lot 2 ‘ Works and Services: Designed for contractors delivering works and services, this lot encompasses the execution of retrofitting measures, property safety refurbishments and the implementation of various solutions specified within the framework, all to PAS 2030 standards and incorporating whole house turnkey solutions.
  • Lot 3 — Digitisation: Focused on innovative digital solutions, it welcomes suppliers skilled at providing digital tools and platforms essential for measuring, monitoring and managing the effectiveness of the implemented solutions.

CHIC welcomes tender submissions from consultants, suppliers and contractors specialising in the aforementioned lots for this framework, from SMEs’ to Tier 1 contractors. The deadline for submissions is 2nd February 2024.

Get in touch
For further information about the Framework or the tendering process, please contact Ade Osunsanmi, Senior Procurement Manager, at tenders@chicltd.co.uk.

To tender for one of these three lots, please click this link: https://www.find-tender.service.gov.uk/Notice/034414-2023

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