The vital role of a responsible drainage team in the public sector

The vital role of a responsible drainage team in the public sector

The turn of the pandemic highlighted more than ever the need for companies to put their employees’ and customers’ health and wellbeing at the forefront of their operations.

Creating conditions to ensure public sector workers have access to safe, sustainable environments that are integral to their physical and mental health is vital. Doing so ensures they’re taken care of at work, and much more as well; they’re also proven to be happier, more engaged, and capable of delivering a higher quality of service.

This is especially important when it comes to drainage. The invisible infrastructure lurking beneath every road, school, library, family home and more, requires complex maintenance to function seamlessly, ensuring users go about their lives without disruption. To manage this requires the expertise of engineers who are, in equal measure, highly trained and extensively supported when it comes to their wellbeing.

Of course, we have an obligation to place the health preservation and safety of our employees, contractors, franchisees, clients and the public at the forefront of our operational planning. But for us, the responsibility runs much deeper. Our role as industry leaders in safety, technology and quality service also relies on positive leadership, instilling pride in our colleagues and partners by rewarding their great work, and investing in the tools and measures which enable them to become their best selves.

Equally, providers in the public sector should be balancing the care they provide to their own people, with the care they offer to local communities and environments.

As a national company, we operate across all towns and cities in the UK with diverse cultures and needs, and it’s our objective to support them by establishing positive relationships which unlock great potential and leave a lasting legacy – for all the right reasons.

For example, we tackle unemployment through developing and training unskilled workers, military leavers and ex-offenders, and invite school leaders to join our apprenticeship scheme. Furthermore, we look after the environments in which people live by working with suppliers to embed sustainability through our supply chain and protecting ecosystem biodiversity by investing in technology that reduces energy consumption and conserves natural resources.

Drain repair and maintenance may seem a ‘tick box’ service – something you can’t risk going without – but achieving the very best outcomes will only come from providers with a truly people-centric, sustainable approach. When it comes to finding your drainage team, look for a supplier that goes beyond the call of duty, and can demonstrate it treats you and your end customer just as it does its own. That way, your objectives will truly align, and you’ll forge a partnership for the good of your shared community.

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